Geelong Place Based FIAP

Geelong Financial Inclusion Action Plan

Taking Action to Make Geelong a Financially Inclusive and Resilient City

In 2018, the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust extended an opportunity for Good Shepherd to leverage the learnings of the national FIAP Program and test it in a specific place in regional Victoria. Geelong was selected as the first location to pilot the concept of a Place-Based FIAP. The place-based FIAP Program works on the premise that organisations which are on the ground are best equipped to understand local challenges, identify the risks and triggers of financial stress, and can take practical actions to address these in collaboration with others.

A pioneering group of local organisations representing multiple sectors in Geelong worked together in collaboration with Good Shepherd to understand the local challenges contributing to financial stress and hardship and co-designed 40 practical actions to enhance financial inclusion, resilience and wellbeing of the greater community. This led to the development of the Geelong Financial Inclusion Action Plan which was launched on 20 February 2020.

Download the Geelong Financial Inclusion Action Plan 2020-2021.

Since March 2020, in addition to implementing the actions committed through the FIAP, the Pioneers have played a critical role in assisting those in the Geelong community who have experienced the worst financial impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis.

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The Pioneers are